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General enquiries

Goblin Films Limited is a film production company created to produce feature films written by a select group of writers. Please note that we do not have equipment for hire and are not in the market for scripts.

For general enquiries, please contact Denise Channing at goblinfilmsltd@gmail.com No telephone calls to enquire about employment please.

Crew positions, composers, post production houses, etc.

Please be advised that current projects have all positions not specifically advertised already in place. We welcome contact for prospective future positions by email only.

Recent graduates looking for work experience please note, We are currently in post production on two films and the only help we currently need is with Photoshop corrections on rather a lot of individual frames. We are unable to offer payment for this work, but offer it on a deferred basis.

If you have Photoshop experience and wish to earn an editing assistant credit by helping with this work, please contact Denise Channing at goblinfilmsltd@gmail.com.


Auditions for Dance of the Goblins will continue when funding is in place. We are currently in post-production on Graveyard Shift and Old Blood. Please note that we are not in production this summer.


We are happy to co-operate with media for interviews or advance information of projects planned or in progress. Denise Channing is notoriously difficult to contact by phone, but responds daily to emails at goblinfilmsltd@gmail.com.