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The Beginning...

Goblin Films Limited was founded to fill a need for quality film making in the realms of Fantasy, Musicals and Historic Fiction.

The British Film Industry has always been known for making quality films with significant export value, particularly to the U.S. where Hollywood has fallen into the 'safe' trenches of re-makes and sequels. We strive to create entertainment that people want to see, with emphasis on good story and acting rather than relying on special effects.

We believe that special effects should enhance a plot, not substitute for it, and are examining alternative methods for creating visual experience rather than giving in to the recent trend towards relying solely on expensive computer generated images.

Goblin Films began from an inspiration to make films of the series of Jaq D Hawkins novels that begins with Dance of the Goblins, and continues growing as new inspirations drive our project further. We are currently creating a series of Comedy Horror films based in a city modelled after Norwich, UK, where the monsters live in plain sight among the Alternative communities of the city. The series begins with Graveyard Shift, a Romantic Zomedy which is curently in post-production and will hopefully be released late this year. The second film in the series, Old Blood, is a unique vampire film in the early stages of production.

Goblin Films Ltd is a part of the movement towards entertainment independence that is gaining strength in the film market, as audiences demand more creativity in the cinema experience. The worldwide filmmaking community is gaining strides in increased distribution and audience satisfaction. Our focus will always be on creating entertainment. You won't see Flash on this website, or 3-D in our films. But you will see entertaining stories and movies that can become cult classics.

Cinema audiences can look forward to excitement, entertainment and even enlightenment from future releases.

Goblin Films, Comanies House number 05579736, registered address 48 Cannell Green, Norwich, NR3 1TT, England